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This picture pretty much says all there is to say about life, movies,
and life in the movies: endless sides to every story
and no sole kernel of "truth."
God Bless Orson Welles.

Dear friends and cinpatriots,

     Here is a working bibliography of all of the materials I use for my blog. Since many of you ask where I get my information, I thought it was about time that I supplied a thorough answer. Bear in mind that I also watch a lot of DVD bonus features and documentaries, etc. so sometimes I catch a thing here or there  on the small screen as well. Below I have highlighted the materials in yellow that I can confidently recommend to you. Those in red are more questionable-- either I learned after reading them that the author was not a trustworthy source of information, or the book is so old that it has long since been contradicted by more recent investigation. I hope it points you in a helpful direction in terms of your own research, and if you need any recommendations, I would be happy to oblige. Happy reading!


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