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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I would like to take a moment to thank The Errol Flynn Blog Site for mentioning me in one of their posts. I wrote a brief article called "The Seed of Self Destruction" on my L.A. La Land Myspace blog many months ago, and it referenced Mr. Flynn. Ms. Tina Nyary posted the link to my page on the EF Blog, and a friend, Kathleen, alerted me to it. Thanks ladies for paying me the great compliment for my work!

I am always striving to uncover the truth-- if such a thing exists-- about those mysterious figures that we admire (or abhor), and I feel much rewarded in unlocking a star's false persona and finding his or her hidden humanity. Flynn was a very controversial figure in his life and remains so in his death, yet there are few that I have witnessed who maintain such a strong fan following. I refuse to believe that one who possesses the power to affect so many people in such a positive way can be all bad... Though I think it can be agreed that Errol was indeed a very naughty boy.  ;)

The Errol Flynn Blog is wonderful for its illuminating efforts in uncovering the quintessential man behind the myth and introducing a different, unapologetic, and purely motivated glimpse of Flynn. I highly encourage you to take a gander at the different articles, pictures, and facts presented about him. His underrated talent has been too long overshadowed by his reputation-- one that has been highly exaggerated and even flat-out contrived. After all these years, it seems that no one else will ever be "in like Flynn," and if you're not "into Flynn," you should be!

Here is a link to the Errol Flynn Bio I posted a year ago, for your edification and enjoyment!!!

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  1. Congratulations! That's so exciting! I love Errol Flynn, so I definitely have to read the bio. Can't wait!