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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today's post is a little unusual. With our Grace Kelly month winding down, I have decided to dish out a few fast-takes before I introduce next month's star. Hope you enjoy.

1. What Are the Chances?

Over the weekend, I was treated to a sneak-peek screening of the soon to be released The Social Network. I have to say, I was quite impressed. I thought the two leads, Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield, did a tremendous job. They more than proved that they can carry a heavy film and are definitely a couple of rising stars whom I encourage you to tip your hat to.  However, while I was watching, I was treated to a little surprise: a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to Jack Kelly, two time Olympic Scullery winner and father of... Grace Kelly! Is my timing good, or is my timing gooooooood.

At one point, midway through the film, twin brother rowers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, (both played by Armie Hammer, above), who are also business rivals of lead character Mark Zuckerberg, are competing with the Harvard team in England. After the race, they are introduced to Prince Albert of Monaco, Grace's son, who congratulates them on the competition and references the accomplishments of his own grandfather, Jack. I'm pretty sure that this information completely went over the heads of the rest of the audience, since Grace is never mentioned by name, and mere months ago I would have missed out as well. But, thanks to the fact that I decided to educate myself on Grace this month, I was able to make an unexpected old-Hollywood connection in a modern film. Now you'll know too!

 Jack Kelly (Grace's dad) with his son "Kell" 
on the Schuylkill River in PA.

2. Myrna's Back!

 When I first came out to Hollywood, I busied myself with investigating all of the cultural landmarks of its celebrity history. I heard about a sculpture of Myrna Loy, which had adorned the front courtyard of Venice High School (left) since 1922. I was excited to go and see it, for I learned that the statue was an original, which Myrna herself had modeled for when she was a student there! How cool?! Unfortunately, years of wear and tear and the random hits of juvenile delinquency led to the original statue being destroyed. I was too late. Darn.

Now living in Culver City, I drive by Venice High a lot, and it always reminds me of Grease, which was partially filmed there. Inevitably, the theme song finds its way into my head, and I begin thinking about Sandy and Danny's "summer lovin'." Classic. Recently, I happened to turn my head and see a newly implemented statue out front. Could it be, I wondered? Luckily, I always have my camera with me, because... it was! Myrna has returned, thanks to sculptor Ernest Shelton who has recreated Harry Weinbrenner's original ode to the pre-Hollywood beauty. Apparently, the sculpture went up in April of this year, and there was a big dedication ceremony that celebs like Beau Bridges attended. 

The statue is quite remarkable, and though it is not the original, it is as an exact replica. When you catch a glimpse of the profile, you can't mistake it for anyone else. Myrna stands proudly and beautifully, gazing upward and extending her arm to the sky. Since her beauty inspired the original artist, he entitled the piece Inspiration when it was placed out front. It bears the same name today. If you happen by, take a look. Hopefully, Myrna gives a bit of luck and aforesaid 'inspiration' to all of the young students who will walk through the same halls she once did back when she was Myrna Williams.

 13000 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles

3. Hot Sites

As I have produced a site that I believe pays tribute to the greatest that cinema has to offer, the "best of the best as it were," please allow me to point you toward a couple of other gems that offer the opposite: the "best of the worst."

Some friends of mine have started the following website: It is hilarious, and in addition to featuring current and upcoming news from the industry, it also pays tribute to the best bad movies of the past. For reviews on Hollywood's most embarrassing films  and guilty pleasures, The Garbage Pail Kids, The Gingerdead Man, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space, you will find no safer haven. It is the perfect escape should you find yourself bored at work and in need of a good laugh or a trashy movie recommendation.

In related news, my little sister (and antithesis) has started a blog as well: B-Movie Heaven. As she is both funnier and smarter than myself, I guarantee that you will find her writing exponentially more entertaining than mine, especially if you have a soft spot for crummy movies. Her style is basically MST3K in writing. She gives a running commentary and breakdown of all of the classic, horrible, wonderful B-movies in cinematic history from beginning to end. Warning: there will be spoiler alerts, but it won't 'spoil' the movie, only enhance your enjoyment of it. The blog is brand new, and she is still working out the kinks, but please check back as it grows and grows. Her first feature is Bulletproof starring her personal favorite, Gary Busey. Give her a holler and show your support.

4. Bored is a Dirty Word

Say what you will about me, I am never bored. In between working, writing, reading, etc, I sometimes crave a little more variety. Spreading myself too thin, it is fun to come up with a single project or point of focus to work on in order to bring myself back down to earth. So, in my recent free time, I decided to make an art piece for my new home: a collage and homage to my Hollywood favorites. I finished it a week ago and it now proudly hangs on my bedroom wall. Since you are all equal celeb fans, I thought I would take the time to indulge in some friendly bragging rights and show off my "masterpiece."

I made certain conscious choices, like grouping the cowboys together, the comedians, the lovers, etc, but most of it was dumb luck. Honestly, I had a blast. It seems that Art is the greatest salvation for a polluted mind. I'm no artist, mind you, but I think it is safe to say that I am quite crafty. Hope you like it. ;)

Farewell, Grace. We'll  miss you! Stay tuned for October.


  1. hooray Myrna’s back in town. Your collage is awesome. Can you make me one? I love how you have Mabel looking at The Kiss.

  2. Haha, good eyes! I tried to sneak little things like that in there. It was quite the investment of time and money, lemme tell ya! Glad you like it. it was a lot of fun to make. ;)