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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Since the year will soon start winding down at a rapid speed with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years here and gone before you know it, it is time to start prepping for 2011. Since I can fairly assume that all of my subscribers are movie fans, I think it is appropriate to recommend the Mont-Alto Orchestra Silent Movie Calendar to you. I purchased the calendar last year and enjoyed seeing the great collection of silent stills as well as the daily bits of trivia about who married who, what movie was released, and what stars were born on each and every day. The bonus is that each purchase you make will benefit the preservation of silent film, which is an undervalued charity that we all need to fight for. If we don't work to maintain our past, it will literally be erased. We've lost too many great films already over the years, either as the result of time's wear and tear or the immediate destruction of celluloid for silver. I suppose previous generations didn't realize that the phenomenon of moving-pictures was going to last. Your donation can help to hold onto the little we have left!!!

Rudy- almost nudey- in The Young Rajah-
one of many lost films :(

So, if you need a little wall decor or a good gift idea for a movie buff, go to the following site and order the calendar. This year is the first time that Mont-Alto is presenting a swimsuit issue!!! Bathing beauties and Buster Keaton. What could be better???

Have a great weekend!

*TCM edited together a restoration of The Young Rajah in 2006, which included still photos and inserted intertitles, much like they did with the equally sought after London After Midnight starring Lon Chaney and Erich von Stroheim's Greed with Zasu Pitts. The original films, in toto, remain lost.


  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I can't wait to get mine! I hope you don't mind, but I posted about this on my blog as well. :)

  2. I think you should know that after reading this post I went and bought the calendar. I couldn't remember where I'd read about it but now that I finally have, I wanted to thank you!