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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Latest from L.A. La Land!!!

Calling all LALa Fans!!! (Katharine Hepburn in Bringing Up Baby).

Hello, dear friends! If you have taken note of the above update, you probably know that things are shifting here at L.A. La Land. In addition to tuning up and reshaping this blog's presentation-- which is transitioning from a monthly star focus to more varied articles, including but not limited the popular Cast Aways, Didja's, Mental Montages, etc-- I am working on a Facebook page for all of my writings as well as (hopefully) a new website! I will fill you in as these projects take shape! You can now keep in touch with me via my new Twitter account Blahlaland as well!

Dare you resist the raw sex appeal of Bruce Campbell
(here in Evil Dead 2)?
In more excitement, I have become a featured writer for Bad Movie Nite, which you may recall me mentioning in a past post. If you are unfamiliar, this is an amazing site-- run by a very good friend-- that hilariously inspects both the bright and dark side of B-cinema. As you age, you often start to realize that those films from your youth (aka The Garbage Pail Kids) that you thought were A-LIST pictures are actually... not. Some get an A+ for nostalgic purposes, others get an "F" for "Why the 'eff' was this picture ever made?" From The Room to Escape from New York, there are enjoyable and shameless reviews, as well as random updates regarding the entertainment world, and podcasts with special guests from the wrong side of the Tinsel Town tracks. For an enlightening escape from the grandeur of denser Hollywood fare, please stop by and take a vacation in a land where thinking is not a prerequisite. My first three reviews: Jack Frost, Supergirl, The Worst Witch.
Preview of coming attractions (With a little help from my friends, please
and Thank You)!
Finally, another good friend of mine is producing an independent film called Lucidia that is currently on Kickstarter. There are only a few days left to offer your contributions, and I truly hope that you can take the time to donate some dough (if you are able.) More and more, independent film has become the last frontier of compelling storytelling that incorporates unique artistic devices. Witnessing the ingenuity that an underfunded but creative team can accomplish-- their own style, their own way-- is truly remarkable compared to the more polished and packaged movies that are released. These days, you basically see everything in a film's trailer. It is nice to be confronted with a movie that defies predictability and challenges you to actually pay attention and not just ogle. Where would Hollywood be without the ingenuity of former indie-breakthrough artists like Tarantino, Cameron, and Romero??? You can find more information on the very intriguing Lucida its website-- or via Twitter - . Thanks, gang!


  1. I'll be sure to check out Bad Movie Nites. I wish I could contribute to Lucidia but broke college student. I'm gonna check it out as well and if I like it advertise it as well. Looking forward to what's to come on this site.

    1. Thanks so much! I understand the brokeness. I'm so broke... it's not even a joke. Perhaps that is why I don't laugh when the credit card bills come. ;)

    2. I always laugh my bills off. Maniacally!
      And then I pay...

  2. I'm so happy I stumbled onto your blog. A friend asked me about a piece of drek from last year written by a superannuated hustler named Scotty Bowers. Blogs fascinate me because I'm trying to put one on my website and can't figure out how to do it. I loved your comments and found you on Google + - Though I no longer write movie critiques, I'm still fascinated by historic Hollywood and Los Angeles history. It's great to meet you, Meredith!

    1. How wonderful! I'm glad that you happened to land here. Would love to hear your thoughts, anecdotes, etc. about different posts. Hollywood is definitely a topic that never gets tired. The more you dig, the farther there is to go! Thanks, lady! :)